Such a noob!

Just trying out Blogsy to see how it all works. Do feel a bit of a noob to it all and am to even writing coherently let alone eloquently like so many blogs I follow! Must try to find ways of making this more exciting, or must I? Surely the whole point of the blog is for my own thoughts and ideas to be logged somewhere. I've never been a diary writer, but if I use this blog to map my SLT journey (all the way to #SLTCamp and beyond hopefully), then I will be able to look back at my own progress and how things are working out for my class too.

Back to school in three short days and so much still to do but I am fired up, I've been reading al holiday. Loved Brian Male's book 'The primary curriculum design handbook', dipping in and out of my kindle version of Mick Waters' 'Thinking Allowed', getting my toes wet in Prof. ken Robinson's 'Element' and now swallowing down Jim Smith's 'Follow me, I'm right behind you.' I'll be commenting on how these help me in my new venture down curriculum design and management as I go, hopefully it will clarify my leadership in readiness for the next interview I might face!


Back to school-itis

I’m blogging because it is an avoidance tactic. I have so much to that my lists have lists. I am excited about the coming year for the following reasons:

a) always like a class full of fresh faces, being disbelieving that they will ever be ready for high school and then in June catching myself saying ‘They are so ready for high school’!

b) New opportunities for me: senior leadership as curriculum (and I hope CPD) manager; senior leadership course run by the LA including a 3 day internship; SLTcamp and other great CPD opportunities.

c) Great staff joining the school, I feel a strengthening of community coming our way.

d) Changes and challenges with the curriculum, my reading research over the summer has been fascinating.

e) Linking with a school in Kerala, India. Many of our students are EAL, many of them from Kerala, so it seemed appropriate to connect with a school there. Global citizens unite.

I am NOT looking forward to:

a) alarm clocks in the morning, having been injured on the last day of term by having my ear drum ruptured I cannot hear in one ear so many alarms will be needed!

b) surgery on said ear drum at some point in the year 😦

c) Piles and mountains of marking

d) More changes to the SATs so feel like I am reinventing the wheel AGAIN!


Managed to avoid about 30 minutes of work time!


SLT camp excitement!

I’m really excited to be setting up this blog. I have done some minor blogging before but feel a bit more determined to blog more regularly about my progression in Senior Leadership and, hopefully, beyond.

In August I took the plunge and got myself a sought-after slot at the SLT camp


I thought it was too good a deal to miss out on. I loved the recent E2BN conference in Wyboston, learnt so much and still need to cascade it back at school. I think this will be even better, by us and for us.

I’ve plumped to sign up for delivering a Teachmeet. I did one of these at the Norwich teachmeet in June and at the E2BN conference. Both times about using iPads in Year 6; I have a feeling this SLT lot might be a bit cleverer than me at iPad use so am going to have a think about my focus.

I am really nervous. Am at a point in my career where I am older than others but don’t seem to have the self-esteem or the oomph in me to get to the next step. I am doing everything I can to be a better SLT and teacher. I am really hoping this camp will help develop my own vision as a leader and be inspired by others and how they do what they do.

Having been SENCO for the last 6 years I am now moving into a new SLT role as curriculum manager and hopefully CPD manager. I am a true believer that CPD can and, mostly, should come from what we know and as a staff we should share our skills and ideas not keep them hidden! This change in my role is scary but really really exciting too. Here I can mention Mike Bostock of 4Matrix, my Challenge 3 complete for SLT camp. 

I have had a lovely summer with my kids and friends and family, but also really enjoyed getting my teeth into some fascinating books about curriculum design. More about those later.

So first blog done, please read me and comment, it will encourage me to keep going!!

Finally a huge thanks to @MrLockyer and @MsFindlater for setting this all up, I can’t wait, even though I am a nervous wreck about it all! So exciting to have @TeacherToolkit there too!