Such a noob!

Just trying out Blogsy to see how it all works. Do feel a bit of a noob to it all and am to even writing coherently let alone eloquently like so many blogs I follow! Must try to find ways of making this more exciting, or must I? Surely the whole point of the blog is for my own thoughts and ideas to be logged somewhere. I've never been a diary writer, but if I use this blog to map my SLT journey (all the way to #SLTCamp and beyond hopefully), then I will be able to look back at my own progress and how things are working out for my class too.

Back to school in three short days and so much still to do but I am fired up, I've been reading al holiday. Loved Brian Male's book 'The primary curriculum design handbook', dipping in and out of my kindle version of Mick Waters' 'Thinking Allowed', getting my toes wet in Prof. ken Robinson's 'Element' and now swallowing down Jim Smith's 'Follow me, I'm right behind you.' I'll be commenting on how these help me in my new venture down curriculum design and management as I go, hopefully it will clarify my leadership in readiness for the next interview I might face!


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