Observing effectively

I always feel out of control when I am out of the class for more than a day, and worry about how things will go. It is inevitable I guess, in our profession, to have a little bit of control freakery about us.

This time I was out for a two day course in London all about Effective Classroom Observation, run by Cambridge Education, always expensive, always in a posh hotel, which means endless coffee, tea, biccies and nice meals 🙂 I digress… all Cambridge courses I have been on have always been very good too, and this was no exception. Led by a current Ofsted inspector (in one of her hats), we were steered through the process of observation, the changes in the Ofsted criteria, the links to Teachers’ standards, giving feedback, scrutinising books and talking to the children.

Progress. Impact. Triangulation. The mantra of the day. We watched some outstanding and some dire examples of teaching, and had to grade them. Thankfully I was not too far off the mark.

It made me think of my own practice and gave me the support I wanted to continue to stamp my foot back at school about shared CPD in staff meetings (we are going to be opening each meeting with a 5 min Kecha Pucha from a member of staff, I’m starting it off on Wednesday!), as well as building a culture in school of popping in, chatting to children in other classes and opening up our domains to our colleagues.

It’s exciting times and I am excited to be in the front line.

It has inspired me with more ideas for the #SLTCamp and having #SLTChat. I do have something worthwhile to share and I do want to encourage others to be as excited about change as I am.


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