SLT camp on my mind

The nights are drawing in, the mornings are harder to greet and SLT camp is drawing closer. The theme ‘Igniting Change’ is currently flickering within me, ideas popping back and forth for my teachmeet. Six minutes to share something, anything, but it needs to be interesting. My first half term as a proper, invited member of SLT has been very positive. Finally my ideas are listened to and taken on board; something I must remember as a senior teacher, everyone has great ideas.


The best idea so far by far was to introduce the idea of teachmeets to our staff meetings. We sign up for a session and warm up the staff meeting with an idea to share. So far we have had ‘explain everything’ app; a class parents presentation evening which the year 5 teacher successfully implemented; and an introduction to Pinterest. For some that wasn’t new but so what, we were able to throw our favourite pinning ideas into the mix. The teachers so far seem divided in two camps, those who will go for it and those who don’t want to share, I think the second group will take a little longer but will give it a go.



My research for the leadership course I am on has introduced me to Seth Godin (great Tedtalk)

and Michael Fullan,

inspirational writers about change and leadership. What I love about reading these is the accessibility of the writing, the kind of dip in and out style. With my schedule I cannot hope to read something heavy and actually remember what I’ve read!

I hope to become a better leader because of them.   🙂


Now finally, I did make a suggestion regarding notebooks and it seems I have signed up to something unknown, I am also putting money on it being @mrlockyer and not @msfindlater who is arranging torturous times! Please be kind!! Or I won’t bring cake!!!

   boost boost!


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