Picking up the DIRTy gauntlet

ImageI have done it, I have signed and sealed my fate. I have met my internship Head (acting but no matter) and we have made a deal. I go in for three days next term, do a bit of action research about DIRT marking and feedback and the impact it has/doesn’t have on pupil progress, and learning behaviour; do a report and Bob’s your uncle.

I am lucky. I have met someone who is lovely. First impressions count don’t they? She is interested, and excited and supportive. I will be working in a federation of three schools across Year 6. I plan to focus on two children from the same ability group in each school, interview and prep them, have the teacher do DIRT marking for one for two weeks, and verbal feedback for the other and then come back and do another book scrutiny and interview, then swap. 

What will be interesting is whether or not the verbal feedback is actually more effective for the LAP children, and whether the marking is differentiated for the different abilities anyway. http://redorgreenpen.wordpress.com/ comments here about whether DIRT works in Maths, specifically commenting on LAPs.

I imagine that there will be more robust conversation with the HAPs, who will also need a further challenge, whereas the LAPs may need some sort of questioning to check understanding and the MAPs a question that asks them to explain in another way, consolidating.

I am fired up about this and am interested to hear other bloggers’ opinions. I have enjoyed particularly Tim’s  http://www.imaginative-inquiry.co.uk/2013/12/marking-1-marking-in-a-primary-school-setting/and David’s http://www.learningspy.co.uk/assessment/marking-act-love/blogs on the subject and would be really appreciative of any other direction.

I am researching different books too including John Hattie, Ron Berger and Mick Woods (my gift from SLTcamp!)

My first job is to come up with a questionnaire for parents and a plan of action for my first visit in January. I would be really grateful and interested in ideas and comments people may have. I believe this will be an interesting exercise in how DIRT works further down the school too.


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