Soaring into 2014

Resolutely 2014

Resolutely 2014

I have been flying.

Not literally, but in my head. This holiday has been super hectic for me, with managing to squeeze in visits to three sets of parents as well as aunts and great-aunts.

At the same time I have been continually checking my twitter feed and playing with ideas for the first ever TeachMeet I will be hosting ( if you want to come along!)

So my flights? Well all through this I have been given boosts and I have reached some decent heights. Thanks to @rlj1981 for asking me to submit ten top tips for her collaborative iBook, this is when my feet started to leave the ground, @mrlockyer sent me gliding with his recommendation to her; @michaelt1979 recommending me on his ‘Who to follow in 2014’ blog post: made my wings flap and the response to that with an extra 50 follows on Twitter made me soar.

So thank you to all of you and now I know I need to keep my resolution to blog more often and keep on flying. flat,550x550,075,f


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