Magnificent Minecrafting


In Year 6 we create our own topic plans based on curriculum coverage. This term we are looking at environmental aspects of the world including geographical planning and being Eco-friendly. One of the chosen activities by the children was to create Eco schools on Minecraft – the ‘in’ gaming sensation of the moment. We talked about the Biomes available and how these would affect our building of an Eco-school, as well as different ways to create renewable and sustainable living. The children put themselves into groups of four, surprisingly they chose to work with very different peer groups to their normal friendship groups. With two iPads per group they were encouraged to collaborate, share and swap. They made notes on the choices of buildings they made which will be written up in the near future when their sites are more detailed.
We have begun using the 3d printer to create figures for each child, minecraft designs being perfect because of their cubist shapes.
Once the children had worked on their schools for two – three hours I asked them to take screenshots and annotate them on Skitch explaining what each area identified. They are still working on these but here are some of the shots of their work on display.









You may notice the small 3d skeleton next to one of the skins. Fabulous!

Minecraft inspires children and when I shared some of this work in assembly and asked who played Minecraft, practically the whole school shot their hand up. By using it in school not only are the children totally engaged but they can see how educational it can be. Many of my class have asked if they can create their own at home. Now that’s what I call homework!!


4 thoughts on “Magnificent Minecrafting

  1. Havelock Vetinari says:

    Hurrah! A fellow techie! I am using Minecraft and Angry Birds to help my Year 2 children write non-chronological reports. They are already experts at it (last year they had to find out about rainforest animals before writing a NCR on them) and so I just have to teach them the structures of the NCR. They are enthused, engaged and best of all productively enjoying their learning! It’s great to see others of a similar mind set.

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