TeachMeet WestNorfolk – Part 1



It is done! Three months of preparation, emailing sponsors, tweeting endlessly, pushing flyers through doors and staffroom windows, jimmying colleagues along, and it is over! No anti-climax I am too tired for that! After the event I even tried to charge my cup of tea with my iPad charger! (It didn’t work)

Needless to say it was a great success, and a great experience. I really enjoyed organising it and making new networking contacts with the sponsors, who I must say were phenomenal. So here is my shout out to all of them.


Vivomiles; Edgy Musicals; Yes Programme; Crown House Publishing; Copella Fruit Juices; BrainPop UK; TWINKL; Zondle; Sparky Teaching; One Day Creative and Primary Teaching Services. As well as Crown’s Trust for all the mugs.

A massive thank you to my wonderful and talented friend Leah Claxton for the amazing spread of food, and to the two Heads, Paul Shanks at Gaywood who not only hosted, but set up all the web links and ICT stuff, and Aidan McGovern, my head, both of whom supported the event financially by helping pay for the goodie bags and food.

I spent Thursday afternoon setting up the hall, pottering about putting goodies out and setting up the raffle table. It looked amazing. The food came in, a delicious spread of savouries and sweets. The laptop was ready to go, the specially adapted Sparky video was on loop and people started to come in. Up until this point I had been full of confidence, felt organised and ready. I KNEW what a TeachMeet was and could do this. As strange faces started to come in I felt anxious and apprehensive; was it going to be good enough? We had had some drop outs already, would there be enough people. My friends and colleagues started to come in, and I perked up (the egg sandwich helped too!). 

Off we went, the presentations began, my brilliant TAs Jackie and Wendy got up together to share their experiences of the PE NPETS course. How brave of them to go first! We went through Paul’s fab information about his Green Screen, and Aidan’s performance management information and then an interesting presentation about digital leaders from Howard Junior School. I was up next and talked briefly about my research on marking and feedback using DIRT. I will attempt to attach the prezi below.

After a short break for snacks and drinks and chats we continued with Tim Taylor’s fabulous sharing of mantle of the expert, Dave Simington’s blogging and Greg Hill’s iPad for life. Time ran out really quickly and we didn’t have time for the two video links from Stephen Lockyer and Sheli Blackburn, but I will try to add them to the site. The raffles were a huge success and as we had 47 visitors, nearly everyone walked away with something (though some did rather better than others!)

So what would I do differently? I would have a longer session, two and a half hours at least, so there could be more time to mull and chat and network. Ideally a full day in the summer with a barbecue. I would remember to plug my next venture SLTCamp East – see it here and sign up, we need and want you! https://sites.google.com/site/sltcampuk/

I would definitely do it again!




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