SLT Camp East

photo 4

Not far from Cambridge a group of enthusiastic SLTcampers met up for coffee, cake and conversation at the beautiful Anglessey Abbey Cafe. First in, we got the comfy seats and settled in for a couple of hours. By the time we left two hours later the place was packed. But we were not there to see the sights. We were there for a purpose. That purpose is SLT Camp East. Former campers at the inaugural SLTCamp in Surrey, we were inspired by Stephen Lockyer and Sarah Findlater to join their team for SLT Camp ’14. We offered to set up an East event and this was our first meeting. Who are we? Three Senior teachers from Secondary schools in the Eastern region, Anna Palmer @annapalmer74, Helena Marsh @helenamarsh81, Dawn Cox @MissDCox and one primary senior teacher – me @ms_jamdangory. photo 2

We talked about our timetable for the weekend, how we envisaged it to pan out, the meals, the ‘unconferences’, the entertainment and as we talked ideas flew into our heads. The theme of this year’s SLT Camps is ‘Building Bridges’ and we discussed how this could look in a practical and theoretical way. We became more and more excited about our ideas and the weekend began to become more concrete in our heads. I don’t plan to go into too much detail as it will spoil it for new campers but, fingers crossed, it will be a great weekend of grassroots CPD.

We drove tne minutes up the road to Burwell House, our home for the weekend of November 14th-16th 2014. James, our host, showed us around a maze of potential work spaces, fabulous kitchens and a rabbit warren of dorms. The gardens are beautiful, hopefully we will have good weather so we can make use of them, and the location is easy to get to. No comment on my personal confused arrival!

So it is fixed. This is where we will be in November. We are taking a leap of faith. Hopefully you will be there to join us on the journey. Still unconvinced, look at the SLT camp page, read the blogs from the last camp and sign up. It is excellent value for money CPD, go to your head teachers, cap in hand, and remind them it is in your time, and much much cheaper than paying for you to be out of the classroom.
Oh and spread the word!
photo 1

Updated September 2014 – we are now three not four, Anna will not be hosting with us – but all that means is more cake for the rest of us!!


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