Continuing to crack the curriculum – assessment

In reality it is through classroom assessment that attitudes, skills, knowledge and thinking are fostered, nurtured and accelerated – or stifled. (Hynes, 1991)

I have been trying to come up with ways of getting simple snapshot assessments of the foundation subjects, as well as Science and RE (both core subjects for us). Our RE co-ordinator (@jesswoodrow123) has cracked it for me, well us, but got me out of my dead-end and re-ignited me. She had been trying to work out assessing each topic for RE, which, in a Catholic school, changes every three-four weeks. The only thing we had, that we had been given, were I can checklists that we were supposed to give out to each child. It was mind-numbing and not at all useful. So she came up with a way that was more user friendly and gave the children a real chance to share what was learnt, how it was learnt, what was good and what would make it even better. At the end of each topic/unit of work, a group of children (in KS1), or the whole class (in KS2) will have a chat about specific areas of learning, taken from the assessment sheets for that subject. The RE sheets have been adapted from the required assessment levels for RE in our Diocese. The other subject sheets I have created using the curriculum for 2014 as my guide. I have designed the sheets in a progressive format across KS1 and KS2 so that within the Key Stage it is clear to see what needs to be covered, and of course revised during the phase. The children will be asked questions based on one or two statements and their responses recorded on the assessment sheet, which also asks the children to help state five comments as to ‘what went well’ and one comment to support formative assessment ‘even better if’.

It is not ground-breaking, nor original, but put together in a comb-bound book, it has provided us with a document to support our assessment of these subjects with the new curriculum, and not a tick box in sight.

I have, hopefully, attached the documents as a folder. Please feel free to use, adapt, or ignore. It would be really beneficial to me, and my colleagues, if you could give a little feedback though.


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