And now, the end is near

I am now one day from my last day in year 6. Five years of unexpected pleasure and at times, panic. Results have been up and down and this year ended on a huge high with 100% level 4+ in reading , writing and maths and 97% in grammar. The best ever? I reckon so. Actually I believe so considering the cohort I have – I didn’t believe in them in September and did a whole u-turn in April. They are amazing! Outwardly fairly restrained but inwardly determined little pitbulls!!

So now,one day left in year 6 before I regenerate into an infant teacher again. It has been about ten years but I am ready. Or am I?! Random responses like ‘I am squid!’ are things I need to get used to but as mini bucket fillers we will get there.
I once asked my head to buy me a puppet for my new class. He jokingly said ‘Oh I suppose you think year 1 will be the best next year?’
Serious in my response I said:
‘Yes, when I taught year 4 they were the best. When I taught year 6 they were the best, and when I teach year 1 they will be the best.’
Because frankly, if we don’t believe that of the charges in our care, what is the point?

I will miss my lovelies next year but I am looking forward to new challenges with little fluffies!!


4 thoughts on “And now, the end is near

  1. Kevin Baldwin says:

    Did you get your puppet?

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