First impressions – India

After a long, long journey – 15 or so hours (although we were very lucky with space and seats!) – we arrived in a warm, humid Kochin at 7:30 am. Somehow,our friend Mary managed to get past security and meet us by baggage collection with her two delightfulsons, Abhi and Akhil. It was great to see a familiar face. The hotel car took us off, we signed in at the hotel,were driven to our lovely room, overlooking the pool, and promptly lay down on the beds not to wake for two hours! So much for the ‘I’m having a shower and brushing my teeth when I get in!’

Once a little refreshed we showered and swam round from our room to the poolbar, where we had a delicious fresh lime soda – taste memories of childhood flooded over me as I remembered this distinctive flavour from my youth. After a swim in the sunshine we took a wander around the grounds; booked a massage (why wouldn’t we after that journey and at such a reasonable price?) and had a tasty club sandwich.

The massages were incredible and despite our intentions to go for another swim, we both slept for two more hours! Then headed out for a barbecue dinner. Gin and Tonic and bbq seabass for me,Sprite and chicken for Jackie. We were delighted by the massive hum of crickets and ceiling fan under our gazebo,, until the thunder and lightning started!! It poured and poured right through our delicious dinner, the waiters bringing our drinks and meals under massive umbrellas and through ever-increasing puddles! Roshan delighted us with his guitar solos and rock ballads,until we decided to call it a night. Day one – done!






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