Strike in school

Yesterday we relaxed. We read, caught up with sleep, swam and ate then repeated it all. We had had a call late on Monday night to say that school had been closed by government order – they were forcing the schools to strike.
Strange, I thought, what makes our schools close is teachers striking for better pay, pensions, conditions etc. Here, the teachers and kids are happy to go to work, to have work to go to in a school they love doing the vocation they love. Our school, Naipunnya, is a public school which means it is not directly affected by government decisions but if they didn’t shut, the buses would have been stoned by political activists with the children on board.
The strike was forced upon all schools in Kerala because a faction of the ruling BJP party, the ABVP, had been giving bribes to some government schools and not others because they wanted to encourage children to stay until 12th grade. The national BJP party don’t want to be associated with any corruption so shut all the schools for the day.
What a strange and mixed up government and education system!


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