Nurture 14/15

So here we are again. Last year it was 14 and 15. Let’s just see how I got on and go from there…
Lose weight – no, probably the opposite plus painful neck and elbow problems, but I’m on it!
Kids – we had a great year, more to follow.
Enjoy 40th year – hell yeah!
Calm down – uh, not really, well maybe a little!
Holiday – was awesome!
TeachMeet in February was great.
Inspire my class to reach unimaginable heights – well 11th in County not bad, plus brilliant opportunities like speaking at E2BN conference.
Read – yes, have done more reading than ever.
Action research – yup, and it has made effective changes in 4 schools.
Continue to blog – not as much as I’d like, except on the big India trip.
Produce a brilliant curriculum. Wish I could say it is, maybe it is; the planning process I think might be.
Attend SLTCamp 14 – yes and helped organise it! That was a surprise!
Complete leadership course – I did, and made good friends on the way.
Have the best year yet. So many highs. Fantastic birthday; meeting with old friends; returning to India – my second home I think; two of my kids moving in on a much more permanent basis; being asked to be part of ‘Don’t change the Lightbulbs’ – such an honour to be asked and to meet everyone at the book launch, what an amazing job Rachel did there; organising SLTCamp 14 with Dawn Cox and Helena Marsh – what a pair of brilliant ladies; and now whilst writing this I should really be prepping for my first Headship interview which is in January.
5 steps for 2015
1) Get ready for this interview – don’t worry so much, stay calm and be me, if that’s not right for them, then they’re not right for me. I wouldn’t be going if they didn’t think my application was strong enough – que sera sera.

2) Lose weight and get fit – again! Healthy lifestyle – even if it is just me in the family who prescribe to it! Willpower!

3) Be thankful for who I have in my life and tell them so. I know how lucky I am and I moan too much.
4) Carry on with my passion for CPD and trying to encourage others to join my enthusiasm. Another TeachMeet this year, attending TLAB 15 and Rachel has asked me to be on the Lightbulb panel at the Festival of Education in June. Plenty to think about already.

5) We have raised over £750 for the Providence House orphanage since August including money from Eastern Leadership Centre, donations from Campers at SLTCamp 15 and from hugely generous parents at my school at our Nativity raffles. I would like to be able to say that I managed to send £2000 by this time next year. We plan to create an International recipe book through school; all proceeds will go to the Orphanage. If you would like to donate, send me a message and I’ll email you the orphanage bank details, if you would like to buy a book, keep an eye on here and I’ll blog when they’re ready.


Back off bullies

Today I found out a friend of mine left her teaching job yesterday. She has nothing lined up for January and she is sad. And that makes me sad. And angry. Because although it was her choice to leave, it wasn’t really. She had her confidence so utterly smashed with every day for the last 7 or so months dreading going to work because of the new and bullying head.

This is a young woman who had a child whilst still at school, a partner who vanished and left her to cope alone with her family supporting her. She and her young child headed 100 miles to university and she got her degree and her teaching qualification with grit, determination and bloody hard work, returned home to work and only a few years in got a leadership role as a Senco.

And then a new head comes in, judges a lesson as RI and puts her straight into capability!

I’ve experienced bullying heads in my career, sadly all women, and I have vowed that I will never allow myself to treat another human being in this way. If in any leadership/headship interview I don’t come across as hard-nosed enough for them then I don’t want it thanks. Being bullied myself at 7 months pregnant to the point of collapsing in front of the whole school in assembly, I feel from the bottom of my heart for my friend. If you are a vocational teacher the thought of giving it up breaks your heart.

And today, so close to Christmas, my friend’s heart is breaking. I hope Santa has something cracking for her in his sack, because she needs a miracle right about now.