Pinterest fail


 Yes, it is Easter Monday, and my Mum’s birthday and the holidays. And yes, as usual I am thinking about school! 

To be fair my Mum has gone out while I type this so I don’t feel am ignoring her, and the work I’ve done has been through play with the kids so maybe it doesn’t count.

I had the idea of doing some natural weaving with my class this term. I had done it last time I was in Year 1 about 100 years ago but we used plastic plates to create the looms. This time I wanted to make wooden ones from sticks and found the perfect idea on Pinterest.

As any of you on Pinterest will know there are always brilliant ideas that look easy, you pin them, try them and they look like a four year old has made them! #nailedit!

I spent an hour on my first attempt and as you can see from the picture at the top it is spectacularly rubbish! The string is all loose and the frame is all wonky. FAIL! In my head I have these brilliant, creative, artistic ideas but I can’t bring them to fruition and I thought this would be the same. As we say to the kids, First Attempt In Learning so I decided to try again, using longer sticks and wrapping the string in a slightly different way. Using a bigger frame was a bit easier to keep straight. Unfortunately the string still felt very flaccid. I went outside and started ramming bits and bobs from the garden up and over in weaving fashion and as I added more it all tightened up.

I don’t think I’ll be making 30 frames for my little lovelies to do their own, that would be very very time consuming – but I could make 5 or 6 and create group weavings which I think would be quite effective.

What do you think? My Successful Attempt in Learning

Oh and happy birthday Mum, you get my second attempt – below!




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