There it goes, 2015. Time certainly flies. Having looked back at my #nurture14/15 I see growth and change, as it should be. I didn’t get the headship that I interviewed for almost a year ago, but it was a worthwhile experience which led me to apply for NPQH and get on the next cohort. I organised the second TeachMeetWestNorfolk, which was a great success one sunny day in July, I do appreciate these amazing teachers who give up their weekends for their own professional development.

In late August I was approached to help organise a TedX event in Norwich. This is coming to fruition in March and I am both honoured and excited to be a part of it. 

I have started eating clean and doing more exercise, results yet to be where I want them but half a stone and 15 inches down with added biceps is a good start!

I got back into something I love with two of my favourite people (two of my three boys) – theatre. My youngest played the part of Pugsley (quite biasedly he was magnificent) and my eldest and I had fun being dead ancestors in the chorus of the Addams family.  I am looking forward to my eldest playing the part of Javert (Russell Crowe) in Les Mis in April.

 2015 was very tough for personal reasons but things have improved for my family and I feel blessed we are all healthy.

So to 2016:

1) be a better, calmer person, especially at home where the stresses of the day seem to emerge. Recognise that being a mum of three boys between 10-15 has its challenges and that is normal and I’m doing an ok job, because they are the lights of my life and are pretty amazing young men actually.

2) enjoy the extra things I choose to do. Especially the TedX event, which I believe is going to me awesome.

3) feel fitter and stronger and healthier by having more willpower to do what I know is right for the health of me and for my children. Stick to it and love the changes. I know I can.

4) accept that some inevitable changes are the right ones and long term will make me a better person.

5) kick the ass out of my studying and read, read, read. One day it will make me a great head. I believe that.

Looking forward to a happy 2016 and wish everyone who reads this a blessed and happy new year too.


3 thoughts on “#Nurture15/16

  1. jillberry102 says:

    “I know I can.”

    I know you can, too, Amy!

    Hope 2016 is a very positive year for you. Hope to see you again soon – and if I can help in any way with any future applications, you know you only have to askk

  2. jillberry102 says:


  3. msjamdangory says:

    Thank you Jill, you are always my first port of call for advice and support in a totally unbiased way.

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