I am a primary school teacher, SENCO, Curriculum manager, mum of three boys, and pretty happy with my lot. I am developing my SLT experience and will blog about what I learn as well as probably a bit of nonsense!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I am working on a project with IRIS Connect (www.irisconnect.co.uk) to extend the CPD opportunities we offer teachers and schools through our Teaching is Learning programme by providing pedagogical resources.
    To start the project I have been writing and compiling summaries around formative assessment / AfL. We would like to include links to teacher’s blogs and resources such as the blog on your website on DIRT.
    We are at an early stage in the project, therefore have not finalised what form our material will take, but I am contacting those we would like to involved. We would of course fully credit / reference any material we use.
    I look forward to discussing this further with you.

    Rachel Goddard
    Learning Community Coordinator

    • msjamdangory says:

      Yes absolutely I’d love to be part of further research especially as I’m going to ks1 next year and want to follow it up as to how dirt will work that end. Thanks for thinking of me

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